Weeknotes 2041


A lot of my work at the moment involves chasing down bugs in an incredibly complicated publishing system which has multiple triggers (both internal and external) that make films available to watch on a variety of platforms at specific times in specific countries. When bugs creep in, films either stay up or don’t go up, and sometimes that annoys the wrong people. This week was one of those weeks, but involving a bug that was introduced about two years ago, and then fixed 8 months later, so calculating the true impact of the issue is pretty difficult. This is definitely why I got into software development.

Not work

Does this site now run on Ruby 3.1? I hope it does. I’ve been slowly working through a bunch of my other small applications, trying to update them to modern versions of Ruby (and even Rails), so that at the very least they remain deployable. This site is one of those small applications.

My real job

As the parent of an infant, I am now accustomed to exhaustion, and within that broad label, all the subtly-distinct flavours it comes in. This week has mostly been standard not-enough-contiguous-hours-of-unconsciouness tiredness. Number of thousand-yard stares while the child does not immediately need my attention: 5.

Physical health

None of this is helped by having yet another cold of some kind. Which of course we all get, and so it’s a never ending cycle of minor illness and sleep distruption and nobody is feeling very jazzy or sparkly but at the same time, the kid is so damned adorable that it remains worth it.

Mental health

Some rare adult socialisation in the form of a birthday party for another child (but yes, it still counts), and then Tom & Nat coming over for lunch today, both of which were very excellent.


Today I found a door in my hallway that I hadn’t noticed before, but I’m currently too tired to investigate further.