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Already, We Have Vanilla Goodness

After some furious bugfixing (thanks to the strictness of Firefox 3 for chastising me!), things are running quite smoothly here. I’ve written the starts of a conceptual vanilla-rb-tutorial, please do check that out.

I also limited the number of blog posts1 that appear on the home page to 3, and added a link to the full blog that shows the most recent 10. Making this change with vanilla was utterly trivial – the start snip originally included the blog snip directly, but rather than do that, I can just use the underlying kind dynasnip to grab the 3 most recent blog snips and display them in place.

I really love how flexible vanilla makes the content it stores. I’m looking forward to playing around more!

1 Oh, and just because I can, this blog post was written using textile, whereas the others use Markdown. All on the same page, naturally. Add .raw to the url for this post to see!

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