Harmonia Beta

Well. Here I am. Let’s get back into blogging shall we?

If you’re a reader of the Go Free Range Weeknotes then this will be old news for you, but if not, you may be interested to know that we’re dipping our toes into the crisp, clear waters of product development.

We’ve taken a script I hacked up and spun it into a shiny, useable web application called Harmonia. If you’ve ever worked in a group, team or organisation and become frustrated at how hard it can be to self organise around chores and other regular tasks, perhaps Harmonia can help. Find out more on the app itself

Harmonia, as of 2012-11-06

We’re starting to invite beta-testers now. If you’re interested and willing to give us some feedback, we’d love for you to sign up! You can also follow @harmonia and @freerange for news and updates and all that jazz.

Hopefully I’ll start blogging about other, non-conference things from now, eh? Splendid.