Looking ahead at 2013

To ring in the new year, I’ve been poking and tinkering with this site in the hope that I will actually get back into blogging.

While I really like the flexibility that Vanilla affords me, it comes at the expense of having to develop a lot of my own tooling, and some of that results in a larger energy hump the be overcome when I want to post.

2013 is almost certainly going to be a year of relatively big choices. There’s a reasonable chance that I’ll be spending less time in London. I also think it’s the year that either Free Range really hits its stride in terms of balancing client work, product exploration and individual exploration… or that it transforms into a slightly different kind of organisation.

My shtick is, as ever, that I want any choices to be handled proactively. My gut feeling is that the longer we wait to make choices, the less control over the outcomes we end up having. I strongly prefer to tackle things head-on once we they are identified, rather than waiting until a decision needs to be made.

This isn’t to say that I want to change or control everything; rather, knowing when a choice exists lets me identify the decisions that don’t really matter, and focus on the decisions that are most important.

If we wait too long, the decision makes itself, and we are simply along for the ride as the consequences play out around us. I do not want a life lived by default. If I’m going to work for myself, then it seems crazy not to try and do something exciting. I accept that this means it will also probably be hard.