Exporting from Stikkit

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who really enjoyed using stikkit, the ‘little yellow notes that think’ application from Values of N. I first heard of it when I met Michael Buffington at a conference, years ago, and was intrigued by his hints as to what he was working on. When I finally got to use the application, my intrigue turned into delight.

Michael moved on from Stikkit a while ago, and it seems that Rael Dornfest is now moving on too - stikkit (and I Want Sandy) will be shutting down on the 8th of December.

While I’ll miss the service, I’ll miss my data more, so I hacked up this little script to export my data. Rael promised export utilities, but it doesn’t seem like any bulk export for Stikkit is forthcoming, so I’ve written something to handle it myself.

require 'net/http' require 'rubygems' require 'json' EMAIL = "your@email.com" PASSWORD = "yourpassword" def get_stikkits(page = 1) response = Net::HTTP.start('api.stikkit.com') { |http| req = Net::HTTP::Get.new("/stikkits.json?page=" + page) req.basic_auth(EMAIL, PASSWORD) http.request(req) } JSON.parse(response.body) end stikkits = [] page = 1 until (page_of_stikkits = get_stikkits(page)).empty? stikkits += page_of_stikkits page += 1 end File.open('stikkits.yml', 'w') { |f| f.write stikkits.to_yaml } puts "Saved stikkits: " + stikkits.map { |s| s['name'] }.join(', ') }

I’m hoping to import it into vanilla-rb (the application that powers this here blog) at some point, and alter my Stikkit Dashboard Widget to post against this instead. Anyway - save your data while you still can!

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