Inexplicable and frightening things are happening, and there’s a connection somehow (Fringe, Episode 2)

It’s weird when what sounds like the literal pitch for a show is then regurgitated as dialogue within the second episode.

J.J. Abrams’ (J.J. - can I call you J.J.? Mr J.J.? The Big Double-J.?) new show comes across as a mix of X-Files (the opening credit sequence is practically a homage) and Alias (female intelligence agent caught up in some complex, unfolding network of intrigue). The stylish location shots are another ‘homage’, this time to David Fincher’s opening titles for Panic Room:



I dunno; they say “great artists steal”, but this strikes me as lazy, even when he’s stealing from himself (he’s also responsible for Alias). And I haven’t even got to the plot yet.