I'm Such a Fool

; updated

I forgot to mention that I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Ruby Fools conferences in Copenhagen and Oslo.

That’s right, a double whammy of my Ruby presentation nonsense. The title of the presentation is the same as the presentation I gave at RailsConf in Portland last year, but I assure that the content won’t be the same. There are only so many times you can flash huge projections of ruby lightning and torrents of blood-red rain before the authorities become involved, you know?

As an aside, it’s kind of hilarious that they let you (by you I mean me) write your (my) own bio for these conference things. I mean, how seriously can you take someone who’s biography centres around Acts As Hasselhoff? That said, they did strip the link to it from the text, so at least someone is trying to protect the public…

Anyway - RubyFools! Copenhagen on April 1st and 2nd, then Oslo on April 3rd and 4th. Mighty Matz will be there, along with a whole bunch of other Ruby types, none of which I’m sure need introductions from the likes of me. It’s going to be my first time in the birthplace of Rails, but I’ve no doubt that it’s going to be fun.

Are you going? Anything you’d like me to spout about in particular? Any kitsch celebrities you’d like me to target? Let me know - otherwise, you’ve only yourselves to blame… :)

See you there!