An experimental test framework that I’ve been tinkering with.

I’m using it to explore a few different aspects or potential approaches to testing:

What I have is a reasonably-compact testing framework with some ‘modern’ features like:

I have slightly stalled working on it because:


Those of you who attend LRUG may have heard about the “test framework episode” that I had last year. Here’s a diagram I drew at the time; a crazy-wall of related test framework inventions and re-inventions:

Ruby Testing Diaspora

I’ll try to remember what originally prompted it; I think I had been struggling to refactor a large suite of tests (using test-unit and shoulda), and I was getting frustrated with how many hoops it felt like we had to jump through to test concisely.

It’s related to thoughts I have had about Setup vs. Action for Ruby tests.

Humble beginnings

Initially I was interested in replicating the behaviour of the test-unit + shoulda combination, but with far less code. Here’s the first commit, so you can see how serious I was about simplicity.

Stepping through each of the commits, you can see that I tried to grow the library only using concrete tests that provided examples of the behaviour I expected. I believe that the commits also demonstrate some of the key choices that a DSL implementer has to make; see Capturing behaviour in Ruby DSLs.