Just a quick list of things that I’m really enjoying about running vanilla-rb as my blaaahgg system:

Draft blog posts are visible in their rendered form

One of my major pains with Mephisto, through no fault of its own, was that I wanted to be able to see stuff that I was writing live on my site, without it actually being a proper part of the ‘blog stream’ until I published it.

Vanilla makes this easy. Well, in fact, the kind dyna makes this easy. Because my blog is dynamically pulled from all the snips on the site (based on whether or not they have their kind attribute set to blog or not), I can drop snips into my blog, or pull them out, any time. Awesome.

Nothing is impossible, and new features don’t require new deployments

I wrote the syntax highlighting dynasnip directly on No deployment was required, and everything just worked.

It’s working great as a playground. Without caring too much about how the guts are implemented, I can add new features in minutes, and start using them in my posts and other snips.