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Day Ten

… yep, we skipped ahead.

I decided to return the MacBook Air. Let me explain why.

Firstly, it’s (almost) nothing to do with the Air’s suitability as a development machine. For the time I had the Air, I used it almost exclusively and could only fault it when comparing directly with other clearly-more-powerful machines. Day to day, it was a great little machine.

The reason why I decided to return it was because I realised that the weight saving of the Air versus the Pro was actually negligible when you take into account the raw weight of the Boris Bike. Basically, it didn’t really make it significantly easier to cycling around.

So instead, I’ve bought a 27” iMac, and I leave my laptop at home. Ain’t no lighter laptop than no laptop.


So there we have it. I really love the 11” Air, and when it comes to replacing my actual laptop, I will give that form factor serious consideration. If you need a new laptop now, I highly recommend it unless you definitely need continuous, intense computational power, or you think it’s going to somehow make a Boris Bike magically lighter.