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I assume you’re James Adam, the main guy behind Rails Engines.

If not, sorry.

But if so, I’ve been developing on Rails for about a year and half. What Engines seeks to do seems like a painfully obvious need for anybody who has developed > 1 websites. That Rails 2.0 didn’t even touch the issue behind Engines strikes me as hubris.

But the thing that troubles me about Engines is that there doesn’t seem to be a site providing examples of plugins developed on Engines (a la your old discarded login_engine). That would suggest that Engines has failed as a broad based solution, and has lived on only in hidden dev-shop caves and obscure dev group mail lists. Bummer if so.

But it just seems that if Engines was such a bad idea, I could Google for a persuasive argument against it. But I can’t. Or, alternatively if Engines was as useful as it seems, I could Google for a thriving open community of Engines developers. But I can’t.

There seems to be a strange anomaly in the universe here. My guess: banal human failings. (Sorry for digressing on your quiet blog.)