Thanks, Feedburner

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This is my feedburner subscriber list, over time:

So apparently the feed for hasn’t been working for a while. I spent an hour or so poking around the guts of Mephisto this morning, and it should be working again.

What I don’t get is why Feedburner didn’t alert me to the sudden disappearance of the feed (it was returning a 500 error). Surely this would be a useful service? There are no “FeedMedic” reports in my account, so I can only presume that they didn’t notice.


Anyway, service resumes as normal! In case you missed any of the more recent posts, I’ve been talking about Vanilla.rb, Speaking at RubyFools, and that fact that shared hosting isn’t evil.

(There's something still broken regarding the comments, alas. Perhaps that will motivate me to finish [Vanilla.rb][1]!)

(Update: comments fixed. Probably. But I’m still going to finish Vanilla.)