Blog posts I will never finish

As part of my clearing of the decks for the new year, I’m declaring bankruptcy on the never-to-be-finished drafts that I’ve had cluttering up my repository for all of 2012.

Cry out in loss, reader, as you will never learn about The Kintama Problem, where I was trying to simultaneously explore/explain to myself why I have written my own test framework (the eponymous Kintama), and also talk a bit about the structure of tests, ideas for how to (re)run tests and common decision-points every Ruby DSL designer shares.1

Gnash your teeth in despair as you realise that you cannot struggle through my clumsy conflation of thoughts about Bret Victor’s excellent Inventing on Principle, and how it might possibly relate to why I reject the alpha-geek programmer stance that mastering the vi editor is good2.

Climb through blizzard storms up to the highest pinnacle only to throw yourself off, such that you might escape the terrible knowledge that my post-conference thoughts about Ru3y Manor3 are forever lost to you!

Woe! Woe be upon us all!

  1. Actually, I lied – you can read about Kintama and also Setup vs. Action for Ruby tests, Rerunning tests in Ruby and Capturing behaviour in Ruby DSLs

  2. I lied again – you can read about Inventing on Principle and vi if you like. 

  3. AKA my attempt to ham-fistedly force my philosophical agenda once more down the throats of the conference-going nerd. Alas, this is a blog post that I have actually abandoned, rather than decomposed like all the others.